Course Outline

    1. Introduction to True Cost of College

    1. Cost of Attendance

    2. Cost of Attendance Quiz

    1. Additional Costs

    2. Additional Cost Quiz

    1. True Cost of College Comparison Spreadsheet

    2. How to Use True Cost of College Comparison Spreadsheet

Learn how to identify, compare and plan for your institutions of choice.

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What You Will Learn

  • Understand what is included in the cost of college and how the price is determined

  • Identify the hidden costs associated with paying for college and ways to plan and save

  • How to create a customized budget and compare institution costs


Tanika Mangum


The Scholarship Coach everyone wishes they had. Ms. Mangum truly understands the anxiety most students and families have about paying for college. As a first generation college-bound student, she remembers the confusion and sometimes hopelessness, but she was eager to figure it out with her family. Now, Ms. Mangum has earned three degrees and has no student loan debt. She has worked for numerous colleges and universities and a national scholarship organization. She is a college financial aid expert and considered a one-stop shop. She is passionate about creating a new generation of future debt-free scholars and dedicated to sharing all the tips and strategies she learned along the way.

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